FRIDAY, 8/21/09

IMO, Friendship folks are the best folks in the world!  They evidenced that to me again yesterday!  

Props go to Samuel Acan, Greg Boutwell, David & Vera Bosarge, Davy Bosarge, Sammy Bowden, Melissa Brown, Karla Cooper, Kim French, Warren & Cecil Guidry, Tony Hacker, Jerry Hovel, Tommy Johnson, Kerry Kelley, Carl Ray Moulds, Sid Moulds, Reb & Brett Nevin, Chris Taylor, Soy Taylor, Lisa Turrentine, & Jerry Whitmore as they showed up yesterday morning at the Sav-A-Life location to “finish” the demolition work.  Did they work until noon?  No, they were “finished” by 10:30AM – wow!  What a great group of selfless folks!  I was very proud (in a good way) to say that these folks are part of the Friendship family as they finished what the group on Tuesday night had started!  Thank both groups for “giving to the Lord!”   (I pray that I didn’t inadvertently leave anyone off that list!) 

Last night, a group of 50+ folks from the Friendship family, along with a few from Mississippi, graciously gathered and gave Samuel one of the nicest surprises of his life!  He was blown away even to the point of tears – literally!  They blessed him with their attendance and financially!  (He made off like a bandit! LOL!)  He told me when we got home that it was an emotional time for him!  Thank you to Lisa for coordinating that event and a special “thank you” to each person who helped in any way i.e. brought food, decorated, cleaned up, made the cake (Diane Bryant),  attended the party, and gave Samuel a gift.  I think his 57th birthday may be the one he will always remember!  I don’t remember everyone who showed up so I won’t attempt to list names but God knows and He knows that this pastor is grateful! 

I didn’t need yesterday to convince me of how great the Friendship family members are as  I could list many other things that members of the Friendship family have done/do and have a list of names longer than the internet can hold!  The point is that I am blessed to serve as the pastor of such a wonderful group of people!  Wow!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Brian Whitmore may have surgery today or tomorrow.  Joyce Hacker meets with a doctor today to discuss a surgical procedure to help relieve her pain.  Gerald Poiroux has an appointment with a nuerosurgeon on Monday.  Pray for these folks!

We need scholarships for the pastors conference in Guatemala.  Please prayerfully consider giving to help these men and their lives be blessed and encouraged in the Lord.

I realize that pastors such as Dr. Jack Bailey could “boast” about their folks too.  However, he has to pastor Mandy Bowling & Hope Garner and I don’t – there’s the difference! 

Speaking of Dr. Jack “Pelosi” Bailey, he says that his blog readership is now up to 8.  Mine is hovering around 12.  We need at least three new readers! 

It is the weekend.  Will Soy help cut my grass again?  (Anybody planning on seeing Haley’s Comet? – there’s your answer!)  Go to church! 

I pray that your weekend will be a blessed one with Jesus.

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