WEDNESDAY, 11/23/16

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.”  (Psalm 19:14 KJV)

Today’s Bible reading – Acts 15-16

Lindsey Hatcher Vice (she scolded me for calling her by her maiden name in yesterday’s blog; TJ panicked thinking he may not get to claim her as a deduction on his tax return if anyone from the IRS reads this blog but I assured him that we only have thirteen readers with none of them being IRS folks!) will see her doctor this morning and will “probably” give birth today.  It is a girl and her name is Tjetta.  I am going to guess her weight at six pound and one ounce and her length at eighteen and three quarters inches.  Pray that all goes well in the delivery of this precious gift of life.

Visited with Miss Kathleen Henderson early yesterday morning and she was feeling much better.  Was in hopes of being discharged yesterday.  I do not know if that happened or not.  (Joey Switzer is basically useless when it comes to providing pertinent information).

Visited with Greg Boutwell too.  He was thinking that he will be in the hospital through Thanksgiving Day and possibly beyond.  Pray for Greg!

Tim Knighten will begin his chemotherapy and his radiation treatments this coming Monday, 11/28.  Fairly long road in front of him so keep praying for Tim.

Jonny Gaston went with me (my ears hurt) to Meridian, MS yesterday to get Lazaro & Glendy Suruy.  We met Pastor Jordan, Lana and John Mark Lollar for lunch and then brought the Suruys to Grand Bay.  The Lord gave us traveling mercies and for that we are most grateful!

No services/classes/activities on our campus today.  I pray that everyone will spend time with family.

The church office is open this morning from 8:00AM until noon.  It will then be closed until Monday morning, 11/28, at 8:00AM.

Remember, there will be no letter from the pastor this week.  There will also be no “news & notes!”

I have decided after conferring with Jeanette Bates that we will not have a choir in our 8:00AM service for the remaining five Sundays of this calendar year.  However, we need the choir loft filled for the 10:30AM service each of those five Sundays.  Our senior adults are asked to fill the choir loft on Sunday, 1/1, for the 10:30AM service.

We will be having a “family night” on Sunday, 1/1, from 8:00 – 10:00PM at the bowling lanes in Gautier, MS.  Folks will come to the 6:00PM service and then we will make our way to the bowling center.  Cost is five dollars per bowler (non bowlers do not pay) with a twenty dollars maximum per family.  This event is for the entire family and all ages.  Do folks like Sammy, Myrtle and Les still have it after all these years removed from the Friendship bowling league?  I know Jack Lastorka and Rusty Suthoff have it as I have seen them bowl.  The question is, “can they beat Soy & Brad?”

My hope is for a standing room only crowd for our Christmas Eve service which will begin at 5:00PM and end at 6:00PM.  All angel tree recipients will be present for that service.  Please mark it on your calendar and come join us!  On Christmas Day we will only have one service which will begin at 10:30AM.

Bloomington, Indiana is no longer celebrating Columbus Day or Good Friday.  They will now celebrate a Fall Holiday and a Spring Holiday.  Afraid of offending folks thus the name change.  I think Good Friday is a pretty important day in the life of followers of Jesus.  I did note that they are not changing the name of any of the Muslim special days?  God help America!

I mentioned Rusty earlier in this blog.  The situation between Soy & him is bad.  How bad?  Last night Rusty joined us for supper as we welcomed Lazaro & Glendy to Grand Bay.  When Soy found out that Rusty was here he left and went to Dale Bosarge’s house.  Wow!

My new laptop arrived yesterday.  My cousin, Tony Gettig, gave me great advice as this MacBook Air is sweet.  Soy ordered for me and would have helped me set it up but Rusty was here and well you know!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.



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