Shirley Switzer took another turn for the worse yesterday morning and the doctors were contemplating putting her on a ventilator yesterday afternoon.  They did not do so but will do some tests this morning and then make a decision as to what to do regarding the ventilator.  (I am assuming they did not have to place her on the vent during the night as I spoke to Joey around 10:00PM)  Obviously, the family is very concerned and asks for your prayer support.

Pattie Suthoff posted a comment to let us know that Callie & Gage will be in Birmingham today for a consultation/evaluation with the doctors.  They will then determine the next course of action regarding Gage’s situation.

I haven’t talked to Eula Mae Blackmon since Sunday night but her plans were to be in SC for Susan’s next treatment and that is supposed to take place today.  Again, pray for all of those battling cancer.

I am sure that I am not in the boat by myself when I say that I was totally “surprised” by the outcome (yet to be determined) in the Republican primary for governor yesterday.  Someone asked me Sunday night about the candidates and I shared that Dr. Bentley (in my opinion) would be a good choice but I didn’t think he could win (my mind was wandering back to the Mickey Kirkland days).  I honestly felt it would come to a runoff between Byrne & James and it may very well end up doing just that or Dr. Bentley may be Mr. Byrne’s runoff opposition.  Very interesting!

Regular Wednesday today at Friendship with the morning service and the evening activities.  Our 8:00PM service will feature a “farewell for five weeks” fellowship for Brianne Woods as she leaves tomorrow to serve with Wild Week.  Brianne is a sweetheart! By the way, John Vickers served with Wild Week last Summer and is serving as an intern at 1st Jackson this year.  It does me good to see our young adults serving Jesus at home and away.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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