THURSDAY, 6/10/10

Joey Switzer told us last night in the service that his mother has been moved to a regular room in the hospital.  Barbara Kelley’s mother was discharged from the hospital.  Pattie Suthoff gave a brief update of Gage’s situation yesterday too.  Lois gave a praise report in the service last night.  She is encouraged and that encourages us!

Day 3 of VBS went well according to Bro. Jerry.  I do not know how many were present yesterday morning but I know it was more than 1 and less that 1,000!  Bro. Chris e-mailed me to say they had 114 present in the session last night.  The adults met in the student ministry building and that was different.  Pray for Day 4.

“Take A Seat” is the slogan for the summer and hopefully last night’s service helped some of our adults consider giving the funds to purchase some chairs.  Just mark “chairs” on the designated side of an offering envelope.

Bret Hart is leading a team from Faith Baptist of Bartlett, TN to Guatemala today.  Bret is a great friend of GRACE Ministries.  Pray for this team.

Speaking of Bret, I was very surprised yesterday when Julie, Chris, & Jonathan Chow stopped by for a visit.  They are from Faith of Bartlett and “Chinese” Chris went to Guatemala with us a couple of years ago.  It was good to see him and to meet his family.

Jason Husband and I had a plan just like the “A Team” but our plan didn’t come together.  You can’t get fresh seafood in Raleigh, MS so we were going to The Lighthouse after taking the children home on the bus.  Unbelievably, The Lighthouse was closed!  Something to do with an electrical problem!  Jason was not a happy camper and we feel that Myrtle sabotaged our plan!

The Dodgers are red hot as they swept the Cardinals last night!  I think the Big 12 may be no more in a short matter of time!  Will USC get hammered by the NCAA?  Will Bush lose his Heisman and will USC have to vacate one of their championships?

This is entry number 1,000 for this blog!  Hooray!  All 12 of our readers are pretty pumped!  If Joe David keeps the pace he has presently set, he will reach 1,000 entries about the time he is 50 years old too!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus!

P.S. – The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night!  Double hooray!

P.S.S. – Bath & Body will be having a huge sale tomorrow through Sunday.  (Just trying to keep all the readers happy!)

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