THURSDAY, 6/3/10

Bro. Robbie Howard is having a test done today as a result of some physical problems he has had in recent weeks.  Don’t think it is anything serious but pray for him.

Shirly Switzer has actually taken a “turn for the better” and they have been able to keep her off of the ventilator.  As a matter of fact, they were able to lower the oxygen level too.  We thank God for this improvement and ask that you keep praying.

Shirley’s mother, Miss Kathleen Henderson, is back in the hospital.  She has a continuing battle with a lung problem.  Pray for her.

Carla Kyser, Susan Quinn & Lois Kirschenman all received their treatments yesterday.  Bill Abendroth is doing better.  Miss Joyce Bosarge does not need more radiation but will receive blood.  Jayne English’s situation has not changed.

The team from Faith Baptist in Bartlett, TN should be on their way to the airport this morning as they are scheduled to leave Guatemala at 12:30PM (local time).  Pray that all goes well for them.  The team scheduled to arrive today has opted to skip this year’s trip but all of the other teams are good to go.

Wow, I have made my share of mistakes in life but many of them fly under the proverbial radar.  However, by his own admission, the umpire in last night’s Detroit game totally missed the call that cost the pitcher a perfect game.  Ken Griffey, Jr. retires and his day is trumped by a blown call.  I feel bad for the pitcher, the ump, and the fans who witnessed what would have been the 21st perfect game in the history of the MLB.

The Dodgers won in 14 last night and are one game behind the Padres in the West.  The Braves come in to town tonight and they are leading the East.  The Dodgers & Braves have identical records.  Go Dodgers!

Celtics versus Lakers for all of the marbles.  Joe David i.e. Beano Cook/Lee Corso has picked the Lakers in seven and that scares me.  Have I ever mentioned that I do not like the Celtics?  However, I was impressed with Nate Robinson during his interview following the game against the Magic the other night.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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