THURSDAY, 9/13/12

Millie Spiller had a test yesterday and I do not know the results.  I went to visit in the afternoon and she had gone for the test during that time even though it was supposed to have taken place earlier.  Lord willing, I will see Millie first thing this morning.

Rob Nevin’s mother is hospitalized.  They are working on getting her into an assisted living facility which is what the family believes will be best for her.  It has taken her some time to get to the point of agreeing with the family on this matter.

Chris’ cousin and Liz’s friend, Angie, did not get a good report from the doctor.  You can read the test results by reading the comment Liz left on yesterday’s post.

Betty Carol Neal is nearing the point where she will receive her prosthesis.

I literally typed out “Sandra McElwee get in touch with me” on yesterday’s entry and then deleted it.  She must have ESPN because she sent me an e-mail last night.  Her husband, David, has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  (By the way, thanks for nothing Denise!)  David is going once a month for blood work and his results are remaining consistent at the moment.

Greg Boutwell has seen doctors for the past couple of days.  He got a good report.  One doctor told him that the surgery was “major” and it would take a little time for Greg to recover.

Sam Schjott’s uncle remains hospitalized.  He had to have another surgery to correct a problem from his initial surgery.

My dad has outpatient surgery on his lip yesterday.  He had a cancerous spot and the surgeon kept cutting until the reports finally showed all margins clear of cancer.  He does not take pain meds but went home and took two Lortabs.  He cannot eat for a couple of days due to the soreness.

Dale & Carla leave for Michigan today as they will be ministering there this weekend.  They will be with Student Pastor, Eric DeYoung.  (Eric still owes me money so I hope they can collect it for me!)

We had a good day yesterday in our services.  The morning service was down (19) but a good majority of the folks in KY are Wednesday morning regulars.  Our books finally arrived for our 8:00PM Bible study so we will divide into two groups next Wednesday for the study portion.  Soy will lead the younger group while Dale, Davy, Sam, & I will lead the older group.

The service for Derrick & Jodie went well last night.  Pastor Travis Northcutt sent me a video clip and for that I am grateful.

This post has been too long.  Sorry about that!  I will have to make my college football picks tomorrow.  Going with four games.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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