MONDAY, 3/23/09

The Lord blessed and we had a good day in our services yesterday.  Our morning attendance was up from the previous two Sundays – praise the Lord!  However, the time change always seem to negatively affect our evening worship attendance.  We had a good crowd but it can always be so much better.  Thank you to those who were present last night!  Thanks to Bro. Chris for his help with the video presentations too!

The Friendship family blessed our VBS format change last night.  We have moved from the classroom setting to learning centers.  We are still trying to work out the proverbial “bugs” but we believe it will work.  Any of our readers from outside the Friendship family who use this approach in their VBS, please send me an e-mail with any pointers, advice, et cetera. 

I was saddened to learn last night that one of Lisa’s aunts-in-law, Mavis Clark, passed away yesterday.  Mavis was married to Charles’ brother, Mac, who lives in Pascagoula, MS.  Pray for this family as they go through this time of sorrow. 

Gene Davis is having shoulder reversal surgery in Houston, Texas today.  What?  I have no idea but Gena tells me it is a new procedure.  Pray for Gene!

Jay Love remains in a CCU in a local hospital.  They may move her to a room today.  Max Peacock is at home and is scheduled to begin radiation Wednesday.  Stephanie Guidry continues to recover at home from her surgery.  Susan Quinn, oldest daughter of Edwin & Eula Mae Blackmon, is hospitalized in South Carolina.  Sharon Jardee is recovering at home from her artifical hip coming out of place and the doctors having to put her to sleep in order to put it back in place – ouch!  Jerry Jackson is a first cousin of Teddy Ray Jackson.  He is on life support and the family will probably make a decision today regarding that support.  Shea Childress, Carla Kyser, Miss Joyce Bosarge, & Gloria Morrison all continue to need our prayers in their respective battles against cancer.

The dog and I are doing good in the absence of Lisa, Dana, Gina, & Hien.  Deidra & Daphne are making sure my BMI doesn’t go any lower!  I planted a garden Saturday afternoon – thanks Charles & Bobby Broome for the assist.  If you need tomato or pepper plants, go see Bobby Jack Felps. 

I went 11 – 5 (69%) in the second round of the tourney – weak!  I am now 35 – 11(73%) overall.  However, unlike TJ Vice & Rex Looney, I only filled out one bracket!  Plus, I filled it out before the tourney began!  I may not “win” but it has been good to see the UT men’s & women’s teams go out in the first round – life is good!  By the way, Pitt is the eventual national champion on the men’s side and UConn on the women’s side.

No FA this week – life is good!  I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.  Pray for a “wow” moment in your life today! 

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