THURSDAY, 11/19/15

Today’s Bible reading – Ezekiel 39:1-40:27 James 2:18-3:18 Psalm 118:1-18 Proverbs 28:2

First, I was wrong about Miss Barbara Nevin’s condition as she does not have the shingles and is no longer in isolation.  I am happy for her because she has so looked forward to attending the community Thanksgiving meal today.

Obviously, Jenni & Sadie Grace remain in the hospital.  I am thinking they will be discharged on Saturday.

Infant Laney Hyatt should be discharged from the hospital today.

Miss Jackie Goff was in hopes of being discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  I do not know if that happened.  I can tell you that she was so ready to go home!

Brian Amonett has been placed on intravenous antibiotics for six hours a day for eight days.  He began to run a low grade fever.  Otherwise, he continues to improve.

Teddy Ray & Rachel’s granddaughter, Bella, will be seeing two doctors over the next two days because of an infection in her eye.  This is a recurring problem.

Mary Cook’s grandmother is in the hospital.

Melba Schafer, Herbert Benefield’s niece, had exploratory surgery yesterday afternoon.  Not sure of the results.  (Lisa and I saw Herbert & Peggy in the lobby of the hospital yesterday and he “borrowed” ten dollars for supper!)

Larry Haney had heart surgery on Tuesday (I think) and they did five by passes.

Betty Clair Hatcher’s Aunt is in the hospital.

Holly Lybarger continues to struggle with her chemotherapy treatments specifically the side effects.

Eddie Whitmore saw the doctor yesterday and both his white and red blood cell counts are too low for him to receive treatments.  He is receiving shots for the next three days in hopes of building these counts up.  He will see the doctor again on Monday.

Carla Kyser continues to have back pain.

The Thanksgiving meal for the senior adults of our community takes place this morning from 10:00AM until noon in the CAB.  Pray this will be a great day!

We had a good Wednesday in our services.  The heavy rains really hurt our morning attendance but we had a strong evening attendance.  About fifteen of our men set up the tables and chairs for today’s meal during our 6:30PM service and I appreciate them doing so.

This entry is long so I had better close.  I have a dental appointment in the morning so I had better get on my way soon.  What?  My appointment is in Michigan!  Are you serious?  I am.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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