FRIDAY, 2/25/11

One of the doctors thinks Miss Edith Kelley may have a bad heart valve.  They will probably do a heart cath at some point today and feel they can correct the valve during the cath.  Pray for Miss Edith.

Miss Bea Unrue is supposed to have surgery today too.  Pray for her.

There will be a funeral service this morning for Betty Creech’s maternal aunt.  Betty’s mom is the last of four siblings.  The funeral service will take place in Richton, MS.  Pray for the family.

Yesterday, Bro. Jerry Hovel, Steve Morris, & Logan Wainwright cleaned out the storage room on the east end of the CAB.  They did a great job which now allows us to “demolish” that room on Monday morning beginning at 8:00AM.  Others have been getting their rooms ready for the demolition as well.  Remember, we need the rooms ready to be demolished on Monday and we need a good group to help us beginning at 8:00AM.

The final game of the Upward season takes place tonight.  The awards ceremony will take place tomorrow at 1:00PM.

It was sad to read about the Amish children who drowned in the swollen river in Mayfield, KY.  (I think of Bruce Gill each time I hear of Mayfield)  Pray for that family as the search teams look for a fourth child.

I know Mobile really thought they were going to get the government contract yesterday.  However, politics are . . . politics!

Congrats to Coach Paul Wilson and the Lady Hawks on their win yesterday.  One win away from Birmingham.

We are on a regular schedule this Sunday.  Hope to see many members of the Friendship family in attendance.  I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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