FRIDAY, 12/19/14

Today’s Bible reading – Zephaniah 1:1-3:20 Revelation 10:1-11 Psalm 138:1-8 Proverbs 30:11-14

I need to make a clarification for our out of town readers (2 of our 11 readers do not live in South Mobile County).  Yes, there have been four funerals mentioned on my blog in the past three days.  However, only one of them (C Suthoff) was actually from the Friendship family.  While the other three were related to someone within the Friendship family they were not actually a literal part of the Friendship family.  (This is very much a regional blog – no small potatoes here!  LOL!)  The same goes for the folks listed as battling various illnesses.  Just a clarification as I sometimes forget that not everyone knows who is, and who is not, a part of the Friendship family.

Landon Joyner is going to be put through the ringer on Monday regarding tests.  He is only five years old and going through this many tests would be difficult for anyone regardless of age.  Prayerfully, the doctor will be able to find some answers after the tests are completed.  Pray for Landon but probably pray harder for his parents, Justin & Amber.

We are on a regular schedule Sunday morning – worship at 8:00 & 10:30AM with Sunday School at 9:15AM.  I pray that we will close out the year in a great way as this will be our last “normal” Sunday.

Our adult choir will present their Christmas musical this Sunday evening beginning at 6:00PM.  I hope the members of the Friendship family will support them by attending this service.

The Christmas fellowship with the local pastors and their wives was a blessing yesterday morning.  There were seven pastors present.  Jennifer & Lisa did an excellent job of serving as hostesses.

Pastor Shirlon and Jennifer hosted Lisa and me in their home for a meal last night.  They have a really beautiful new house in Bell Creek.  As I told them, they have a more beautiful family.  The main reason that I went was because Jennifer cooked chicken and dumplings!  The girl does c&d right!  Miss Idice Reeves always cooked the best chicken & dumplings I have ever eaten.  Deidra has come close to those a time or two.  Jennifer hits a grand slam each time she cooks them!  She is from California originally so how she learned to cook such a southern dish so well is beyond me but the girl can flat out cook!  (You would think Idice’s granddaughter, Denise, would be able to cook them like her grandmother?  Whatever!)

Kayla Hatcher is supposed to have my Christmas present in hand but I have not seen it!  She is testing my patience!

Mama always said “if you are scared, say you are scared!”  For years, Soy, Rusty, Alan, et cetera have hung around after our Wednesday night Bible study to play the card game “Hearts.”  Basically, it takes me about thirty minutes to close them out.  I never remember losing to them.  This past Wednesday night, they finished Bible study and quietly slipped down to Rusty’s to play “Hearts” without me even knowing.  “If you are scared, say you are scared!”

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.


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