SATURDAY, 12/27/14

Today’s Bible reading – Zechariah 10:1-11:17 Revelation 18:1-24 Psalm 146:1-10 Proverbs 30:33

Believe it or not, I spent most of the day yesterday shopping.  Yes, shopping!  However, before you think I have either lost my mind or gone soft please know it was shopping with a purpose.  It was GRACE Ministries shopping.  Lisa and I were able to get some really good deals on items for next Christmas.  All sixty children who will be a part of the feeding center ministry already have one gift in hand.  Lisa has great ideas and knows how to find a bargain!

Of course, moving from store A to store B in Birmingham yesterday only took about five hours as the traffic was heavy!  We celebrated a special day with Dana & Gina last night and the restaurant was packed too.  All in all, we enjoyed a good family day.

I will be driving home today while Lisa and the girls will head to Hartselle.  Eddie & Sue are graciously coming to Birmingham to get them which saves me well over two hours driving time.  I am grateful.  I will drive to Hartselle tomorrow afternoon for our family Christmas tomorrow evening.  Lots of driving but I am young!

Lord willing, I will be in the pulpit tomorrow morning for our only service of the day which begins at 10:30AM.  We will received another special offering for the LMCO during that service.  (Jeanette, we will do back to back offerings so please be prepared.  She always is!  Have I ever mentioned what a great pianist we have been blessed with?  Keyboardists too!)  Folks, the house ought to be filled in the morning.  If you are in town, join us!

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.


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