FRIDAY, 1/4/08

The American society is messed up!  Earlier this morning I read where an inmate in a Colorado jail has filed a federal lawsuit against the former sheriff, the current sheriff, six guards, and the supervisors of the guards.  The basis for the lawsuit – the sheriff, guards, etc. didn’t do enough to prevent the guy from breaking out of jail!  He was actually injured during a fall as he made one of his attempted break outs.  Wow!

The 2008 Iowa caucus is now history.  I was reading last night how is “better” to lose the caucus than to win it.  What, so a candidate can get first pick in next year’s draft?  I didn’t hear any of the candidates asking folks to vote for the others so I think they all wanted to win! 

Ross & Kathy Genzink and team arrived home safely last night from their week in Guatemala.  Ross was very complimentary of our folks in Guatemala and their service to the Lord.  Thank you for praying for this team.  Thanks to the folks from the CPR of the Graafschap Christian Reformed Church for being involved with GRACE Ministries. 

Our church life really gets back into the normal swing this weekend as we have Upward basketball games tomorrow and then the services Sunday.  Again, we will have the ordination service for Wes Bates at 5:00PM followed by a time of fellowship in the CAB.  We need plenty of food for that fellowship and I have every confidence that our folks will respond nicely to this call. 

My personal life will not be normal this weekend as I am playing Mr. Mom!  Lisa, Deidra, and Daphne are spending the weekend in Chicago with my sister, my two sisters-in-law, and my niece.  They all took flights this morning and are scheduled to return home on Monday.  This is a trip that has actually been years in the making and I am glad to see them have this time together.  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch – pizza tonight, Upward concession stand food tomorrow (all three meals), Sunday breakfast in Sunday School, mother-in-law’s cooking Sunday noon, church fellowship Sunday night, we’ll skip breakfast Monday morning as we have been eating too much, school lunch Monday, and then Lisa will be home Monday night so we can have a late supper that she will cook!  This being Mr. Mom is not so hard after all!   (I have already gotten Hien up, dressed, fed (thanks Jimmy Dean), and out the door for school!) 

Thanks to Pastor Travis Northcutt and T. Garrett Wright for their comments yesterday.  I hope you will have a great Friday with Jesus. 

P.S. – The Bible reading for today is Genesis chapters 10 – 12.     

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