FRIDAY, 10/11/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

Early morning greetings from GRACE Mountain.  I know you are tired of reading about it but these cool temperatures are amazing!  I have a nice cool breeze blowing on me as I sit in front of an open window while writing this entry.

Eddie Albritton will have hip replacement surgery this morning.  It will be done on an outpatient basis at a surgery center.  Pray for all to go well.

Otherwise, as far as I know, all is quiet on the home front.  I am grateful to the Lord for this blessing.  There will be a private, family only, memorial service for Wanda Jordan next week.  There is a member of the Friendship family who has gotten some not so great news this week.  I think that word is public now but I do not feel free to post it yet as I am not sure.  Just pray.  Continue to pray for the person who came to our house simply saying, “I need a miracle!”

We are on a regular schedule this Sunday morning and evening.  Gideon Jeff Holifield will share about the ministry of the Gideons in our two morning services and I will bring a brief message.  Remember, we will receive a love offering for the work of the Gideons in our morning services.  Lord willing, I will also be in the pulpit for our evening service.

Our Finance Committee will meet at 4:00PM this Sunday, 10/13.

Bryant, UMS & Resurrection all have home games tonight while Mobile Christian, Faith & Theodore all travel.  Best of luck to all of these teams.

Bobby and the boys are in St. Louis for game one of the NLCS tonight.  Folks, I honestly believe that the Nationals are going to make it to the World Series.  Have felt that ever since I went and watched them play in person back in August.  Could I be wrong? Hello!  I still feel the winner of the ALCS will win the World Series and I think that will be the Astros.  I will gladly say, “I was wrong” if the Nationals win it all!  Let’s go Nationals!

My Thursday consisted of four more meetings.  All were productive.  Deidra, the girls and I went to the local mall last night for supper.  Unknown to us, it was the grand opening for the newly renovated mall with some major additions.  I basically could not believe my eyes and all we did was go to the food court.  It is hard to believe there is such poverty all around and then to see that place – very modern.

Today, Lord willing, it will be a day with the girls.  Lizzi & Sydney will have their final day of this school year and then we will celebrate before I head home tomorrow.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.


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