THURSDAY, 2/3/22

Word came to me that we had fair attendance in our evening service last night in spite of constant rain.  Thank you to those who were faithful to attend.  (I do not know about our morning service attendance but those folks are pretty consistent)

The call came to Colegio JET fairly late on Tuesday afternoon.  It was a notice that a group of administrators from the State Department of Health, the State Department of Education and the local Education Department would be coming to Colegio JET on Wednesday morning.  This group included the superintendent for the State of Chimaltenango (Chimaltenango is a state and a city just like New York).

The purpose of the meeting was to inspect the campus for covid protocol, class size, et cetera.  If all went well then Colegio JET would be the first school in the entire state to be allowed to legally open and all other private schools would be told to do what is being done at Colegio JET.  This was a huge deal!

The group of administrators actually arrived over an hour early!  Folks, in Guatemala that is nothing short of a miracle!  When all was said and done they gave Colegio JET an “excellent” grade only asking for a couple of minor things to be done.  All I can say is “to God be the glory!”  Thank you to those who prayed!

The team had a good final day of ministry.  They leave GRACE Mountain at 6:45AM today and are schedule to arrive in Grand Rapids just before midnight.  Dr. John, his boys and grandma have been awesome!

Meanwhile, four folks from Michigan have already boarded their respective planes and are heading South.  Two others from Arizona will do the same later today.  Pray for traveling mercies.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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