SATURDAY, 2/23/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”  (Psalm 119:11)

There will be a final sign up for soccer this morning in the CAB.  The time is from 9:30AM until 11:00AM.  Last call!  Pass the word, please.

Miss Dollie Trout remains hospitalized.  She is better but, as of yesterday morning, they had not talked about sending her home.  Pray for Miss Dollie.

Maria’s sister, Cathy, was taken off of the vent yesterday.  Obviously, that is huge.  Keep praying for Cathy.

Will you take a moment and pray for Pastor Tim Tindle and his wife, Denise?  She is battling cancer and has been doing so for about five years now.  These are difficult days for them.  Tim pastors the church where Andy & Betty Hamil attend during the college football season.

Brandon & Pam Baker tell me that their son, JZ, is doing better.  He was at UAB for evaluations earlier this week.  Thank you for praying.

“They” are saying that we may get some rain later tonight and then into tonight.  However, tomorrow is supposed to be really nice with no rain, mild temperatures and much lower humidity.  It seems to me that Winter missed South Alabama.  We just did not have much in the way of cooler temperatures.  I am of the opinion that we need some freezing temperatures in December, January and February to help us in the Spring/Summer.  However, I trust the Lord in the matter of weather too.

Speaking of weather, the folks in North Alabama, North Mississippi, Tennessee, et cetera have been getting hit really hard with the rains and flooding.  I am glad that we are not dealing with that and we need to pray for those folks.

Mike & Janice Moreland reported in and they are alive and well.  Their subscription to this blog is way past due but we are all about grace in that area.  The McElwees?  No shows.  Sommer?  No show.  We are precariously close to dipping down to nine readers.  How tragic would that be?  I read somewhere that if a blog has less than double digit readers it can be “blocked” by Al & friends!

Regular schedule tomorrow morning and evening for the Friendship family.  Will you be faithful?

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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  • Sandra McElwee says:

    I left message on Feb.2oth. But it said awaiting moderation. Also left message on Church phone. Yes we listen ☺

  • Sommer Brock says:

    I am still a daily reader. Tried to comment today and Wednesday and it said “awaiting moderation”. Please don’t revoke my subscription! We are well out here in west Texas.

  • Keith and Aninha says:

    Winter is never over til the April freeze is done.

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