Tim Knighten will be having a scan done this afternoon.  He will immediately be able to sit down with the doctor to discuss what the medical folks see on the scan.  Join me in praying for Tim.  Let’s pray that whatever they saw previously will be gone.  Completely gone!

Tim’s mother-in-law, Jo Nell Barnes, has been diagnosed with a malignancy.  I think I remember correctly saying that her daughter, Peggy, told me they will do a procedure on June 10.  Pray for Jo Nell.  She is a sweetheart!

Our good friend in Montgomery, Decker Terry, got a good report from his surgery and subsequent lab work.  He “may” have to have some radiation a bit later but he is doing well and giving God the glory.

A huge shout out to Dylan & Elizabeth Westbrook as, on very short notice, they took the children during the Bible study hour last night.  Thank you Dylan & Elizabeth!

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