THURSDAY, 9/30/21

Lisa and I were blessed to be able to attend the “hooding” of our daughter, Daphne, yesterday afternoon at USA.  She earned her doctorate as a nurse practitioner last December but there was no ceremony due to the virus.  We are very proud of Daphne and this accomplishment in her life.

I am very appreciative of my brother, Eddie, and his wife, Sue, for attending yesterday’s ceremony.  Was not expected but certainly appreciated.

I have no updates on the folks for whom we have been praying.  Just keep praying!

We do have a church member who is experiencing a “breakthrough” case of the virus.  Pray that all goes well!

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday morning and evening.  Deacons will meet at 4:00PM.

Recently, I received some cards from some children in our church.  I have no idea what age or gender.  One without a name on the card wrote the following:  “we presheat what you do.”  How cute is that!  I love it!

I hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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