TUESDAY, 3/30/10

Tuesday, 3/30/10 – Take Two!  Yep, this is my second entry for today.  A little after midnight I wrote an entry, hit publish, and all was well except for the fact that the post mysteriously disappeared into cyberspace.  I feel so Jack Bailey like!  Al is not going to be happy when he finds out about this cyber theft because I am certain someone stole my blog entry to use as their own today. 

Phase II of the CAB renovation has officially begun.  Several men, one woman, and one student showed up last night and got much done on the first night of Phase II.  Sammy B. will lead a small team tonight to do some electrical work while Tony H. will do a bit more carpentry work.  The drywall guys will hopefully be here tomorrow.  Our goal?  Phases I – IV finished by the end of May.  Pray, help, & give!  Thanks to all who have done so thus far!

Lisa & I visited Gage Hudson, April McNiel, & Megan “Bo” Older yesterday.  Gage was moved from the unit to a room yesterday afternoon and may go home today.  April’s problem seems to be a viral infection but they will run more tests today & tomorrow.  Megan will be discharged today but will stay in the hospital until Lora & Leah are discharged and I don’t know when that will be. 

Jayne English remains hospitalized.  Lois Kirschenman will be hearing from a surgeon soon to set up her surgery.  Susan B. Quinn will be going to M.D. Anderson within the next couple of weeks.  Carla Kyser continues her treatments.  Miss Joyce Bosarge will have more radiation soon.  Bill Abendroth has another round of chemotherapy Thursday.  I don’t have an update on Hayden Davis.  Reb’s brother, Chuck Medchill, remains hospitalized as he recovers  from his heart surgery.  Pray for these folks!

Pray for our Easter weekend services & activities.  It begins Saturday with Sunday School & services for our preschoolers & children.  On Sunday we will have services at 7:30AM, 9:00AM, 10:30AM, 2:00PM (Spanish), and 6:00PM (cantata).  (Joe David, please don’t post any more about your “busy” schedule!)  Pray that this will be an exciting weekend that brings glory to God!

Gotta take Chris to court this morning.  Second time in two weeks!  Thankfully, it isn’t for him! 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus. 

P.S. – Did Joey Switzer show up for the work effort last night.  Good question!  Joey is a Jason Bowling/Joe David Bailey wrapped into one!  So, there’s your answer – NO! 

P.S.S. – I had “Catfish” in my bracket for the BL @ DBC and he did it!  JDB can’t hang with the Fish!

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  • Jason says:

    I’m sure Joey knew you were going to be there so he decided there would be enogh useless labor going on without him. Talk about a stupid Preacher – GOOD GRIEF!

  • Jason says:

    By the way, if this guy is Joe & myself combined that means he is: smart, athletic and good-looking – what a combination!


    Mornin’ Pastor,
    Pulmonologist came by early this morning and has the final report from the doppler study on Gage’s leg. Turns out the clot is in a vein that is very significant and has to be treated. He is consulting with the other docs and they will probably start blood thinners today to disolve the clot. They were not sure if this was the safest option but after he researched it Dr. Bedsole feels that the blood thinners are the way to go. In light of all the new info on this clot issue Dr. Bedsole says we can’t rule out that Gage’s problems with his breathing weren’t related to a pulmonary embolus.
    Thanks for all your support and prayer.
    Pattie Suthoff

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