FRIDAY, 10/29/10

On the point today:  Maxine Dupont & Louise Morris.  Tomorrow – Sierra Edwards & Lisa Turrentine.  Sunday – Carl Ray Moulds & Keith Young.

Visited with Sonny Bates yesterday afternoon and he was waiting to go home.  He had been discharged a couple of hours earlier but they were slow in getting him out of the hospital.  He & Rebecca were eager to go home!

Miss Joyce Bosarge was in good spirits and feeling much better as they have increased her pain medication.  It is “possible” that she will be discharged today.

Visited with Lois Kirschenman and Earl was doing good.  He remains in CCU but the doctor says he is doing well.  He will probably be in the hospital until early next week.  Pray for all of these folks.

Sunday will be a big day at Friendship with the normal morning services followed by the “Hallelujah Festival” from 4:00 – 7:00PM.  Pray for that day and contact Bro. Benny if you will help with the last minute set up, actual event, or clean up.  Please note that we will have an evening service in the auditorium beginning at 6:00PM.

Dale & Karla Bosarge fly out this afternoon heading to Washington for a ministry opportunity this Sunday.  Pray for them to have safe travels and a great time of ministry.

We now have at least one person “on the point” each of the 40 day prayer emphasis.  Pray for revival!  Pray for Pastor Michael Mason.  I felt led to ask Rex Looney to be with us to lead in the musical worship.  He cannot be here for the Sunday services but will join us for the Monday – Wednesday services.  You can still sign up to be a “point person” by simply calling the church office during regular hours or using one of the forms in the foyer.

Bama will not get beat this weekend but they may win!  I am not watching much of the WS but the Giants pitching has been good/great through the first two games.  I predict Favre will start this Sunday because his ego is too big to let the streak end.  What a tough break for the Noles last night.

I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus!  Go to church!

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  • Liz says:

    Mom is being discharged from the hospital today, but she is still in need of much prayer. Thanks to all who have prayed and are still praying for her.

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