WEDNESDAY, 7/20/11

Sherry e-mailed me yesterday afternoon to say that Gunnar will have a MRI today and surgery tomorrow.  Obviously, the doctor wants to take care of this problem as soon as possible.  Pray for Gunnar!

Larry Whitehurst will have a MRI this morning too.  Again, pray that everything is good!

We are on a regular schedule today/tonight with the 10:00AM service and the evening Bible studies/worship.  The 8:00PM Bible study will have special food (crawfish/shrimp) and a special speaker.  I encourage our young adults to join us for this time of food (spiritual & physical) and fellowship.  We meet at our house.

Soy is trying to rid us of our bats and Heidi comments yesterday that bats eat mosquitoes.  I was not sold that you can catch a bat with a sock and rock until Soy told me he read it on the internet!  That settles the matter for me!

Need exercise?  Let Soy ride the mower (zero turn) while you run the weed eater.  He gets within eight feet of whatever whether you need him to or not!  I would be better off just weed eating the entire yard!  Killing me!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus!

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  • Trish Blackwell says:

    Aaron Chinners is also having a scan of some kind today, let’s also keep him in prayer that all is well.

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