WEDNESDAY, 9/19/12

Lindsey Vice underwent a surgical procedure yesterday.  She did well and I think she came home late yesterday afternoon.  (I am pretty “ticked” at TJ for not letting me know about this!  He probably was either a) worried about using up his cell phone minutes which would constitute a financial charge;  b) working on his fantasy football league; as he sat in the waiting room.  I am going with “B”)

I tried to contact Miss Millie yesterday to no avail.  Bro. Kerry & Tommy Johnson were going there last night so we should get an update today.

I have several unspoken prayer requests that have been sent to me in recent days.  (Some may not be unspoken but I do not know if I have the liberty to post names on the internet as I try to be careful about that)

We are on a regular schedule today/tonight.  Beginning tonight, we are dividing our 8:00PM Bible study into two groups for the study portion.  I encourage all of our college folks to join us as Soy will be their facilitator.

I have no idea what Bama’s 2012 football season will eventually end up looking like.  However, I have noticed that my Arkansas friends i.e. Louise Mason, Jack Ciak, and Bret Hart have been extremely quiet this year.  I do realize that Louise & Jack live in Arkansas where they only have internet one day per week.  Bret lives in TN which explains itself!  I just hope they are alive and well!

I also have not heard from Gene & Gena Davis in forever!  If Gena has stopped reading these entries then our readership is down to 7.  (Thankfully, I can always count on mama and Nanette Fontenot!)

Please stop praising Soy and mocking me about the tv thing.  You do not know the “Paul Harvey” on that one.  Do you really think I would throw Soy under the bus?

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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  • Sommer Brock says:

    Brother Teddy,

    There are obviously some smart people here in Texas, as I see numerous Crimson Tide stickers and shirts out here. Hope all is well in south Alabama. We miss you all!

  • Louise Mason says:

    Oh, did Arkansas lose last week? Actually, I couldn’t not know, Wilfred emailed me every 15 minutes with the score. I didn’t watch it all….never did like watching hog slaughtering. I’ve been invited to the pig roast next month,but don’t know…that would be kind of like eating the family pet.
    So, you are up to seven readers now. When did you pick up the other three? Miss y’all.

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