TUESDAY, 2/23/16

Today’s Bible reading:  Numbers 1 – 2

Visited with Winston & Ruby Gulley yesterday afternoon.  They are struggling with Faron’s passing.  Faron was twenty six years old.  Did not remember until yesterday’s visit that Faron’s mother, Michelle, was only twenty five when her life on this earth ended.  I vividly remember like it was yesterday Ruby & Sharon coming to the house and telling me of Michelle’s passing and asking if I would preach her service.  Pray for Winston, Ruby and the family during this difficult time.  No arrangements have completed.

The 20 – 29 Sunday School class will be providing an evening meal for the Gulley family tonight.  If you guys have not responded to Kayla’s contact already, please do so this morning.  Thanks!

Pastor Alvin Tucker is scheduled to have his surgery today in Mississippi.  Pray for him, Miss Dot, the doctors and the family.

My mother-in-law, Ann, did well through her surgery.  Not sure what the surgery cost but I do know it cost me having to buy Charles’ breakfast and lunch yesterday.  No, I was not there as I prayed with Ann before surgery and then headed to Amber’s surgery.  However, Lisa got money from me for the meals!  I am sure that today will be a repeat!

Amber’s surgery was a success too.  She should be discharged from the hospital today.  The actual surgery was a bit quicker than expected as it only took about forty five minutes.  That Amber is a sweetheart!

As I was going to pray with Amber, I saw Tim Knighten in the hospital surgical waiting room.  His mother was in surgery.  She did well and should come home today as well.

Carla Kyser was in our first morning service this past Sunday.  The girl has lost too much weight but she looked good.  She is a trooper!

I have family and friends in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Praying for those folks affected by the recent tragedy – wow!

I stopped mentioning showers in this blog for various reasons.  However, I am making an exception this week because I forgot to get this one in the News & Notes the past couple of Sundays.  My apologies.  There will be a wedding shower for Jacqueline & Brandon this Sunday, February 28, from 2:00 – 3:30PM in the fellowship hall of Friendship Baptist Church.  They are registered at Target, Dillards and Rand’s Quick Stop (Jacqueline loves the Blimpie subs!).  All ladies of the Friendship family are invited to attend this shower.

The second session of the soccer evaluations took place yesterday and there are now fifty eight children signed up.  That is awesome!  Curly, Larry & Mo are excited and I am thankful!

Prayer time tonight from 5:00 – 7:00PM.  Note the added hour!  If the weather is as severe as they are forecasting, I completely understand if folks do not come to the auditorium to pray.  Calling the church to prayer!

TNBA tonight beginning at 7:00PM in the CAB.  Serious stuff!  When will Rusty return?  He sprained his knee in ’13 and has not played since as he is waiting on it to heal!  We may start a women’s TNBA so he can play!  Randall & Joey will miss tonight because of the bad weather – count on it!

I did watch the second half of the Clemson vs Bama game last night.  Believe it or not, Bama won.  I was nervous!  My family thinks I am crazy!  They just do not understand!

Copied and pasted the following from a local television station’s website early this morning – “News ___ has declared Tuesday, Feb. 223a weather alert day.”  When is February 223 or 223A?  That must be like super leap year!  So glad I do not make mistaks!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.  Be safe!







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  • Rex Looney says:

    I understand about the BAMA games, I have about five of them from this past year that I still have on the DVR, They are good to have when there isn’t anything else on TV.

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