FRIDAY, 12/14

After Al Gore invented the internet, he moved on to the global warming scene.  Yesterday afternoon while I was mowing the lawn at my in-law’s, I began to think that maybe Al is right.  It was almost eighty degrees on the 13th of December and I am cutting grass – what’s up with that?  (Hopefully, the weather guys are right and by Sunday it will be much cooler here)  By the way, Ann cooked supper for me and Charles agreed to sell me some pecans.  He is getting $2 a pound and, since I mowed his lawn, he agreed to let me have five pounds for $10.50!   

Did you read/see/hear where that burned body was found in a garden near Paris?  It appears a guy had stowed away in the landing gear of a jet and fell out.  Wow!

Jennifer Wetterer graduates from Troy University this morning.  Sharon Chandler graduates from Auburn University Montgomery tomorrow morning.  (I normally don’t recognize those AU schools but I’m making an exception for Laurie!)  Congratulations to Jennifer, Sharon and all of our December graduates i.e. Brandon Baker, Lindsey Hatcher, & Erin Shepherd come to mind but I am sure that I am leaving someone off that list. 

Speaking of Lindsey Hatcher, that teacher wannabe seemed to think I had made some spelling mistakes in yesterday’s entry but I went back to check it and it all looked corrict to me!  They get engaged and totally forget that love is blind! 

Speaking of Jennifer, I am told that today is the birth date of Jennifer Jackson Davis.  Happy birthday Jennifer! 

I hope you have a great weekend and that you will be in church on Sunday.  Christians should fill the church auditoriums as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

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  • Mark Mast says:

    You wouldn’t be thinking Al is right if you came up to Canada!! This entire month has been even colder than an “old fashioned winter”… How about coming up here and basking in 22 below zero!! You can put your lawnmower away and break in your unused snow shovel. 🙂

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