THURSDAY, 6/9/11

I can already tell you that this is going to be a two part entry.  I am leaving to go drive the bus for VBS.  I do not want Myrtle hollering at me!  I need Jason Husband here!  Honestly, you do not want to miss the second part of today’s entry.  I hope to have it up by 10:00AM.

Bradley Phillips is having surgery this morning.  Teddy Ray’s mother and Rachel’s grandmother were both released from the hospital yesterday.  Mr. Smyly remains in the hospital.  Carla Kyser has another treatment today.  My uncle, Henry Turrentine, is hospitalized in Birmingham and the doctors do not seem optimistic.  Pray for these folks.

Wes Bates will be preaching a series of revival services in Auburn, New York beginning tomorrow night through Sunday.  Pray for Wes and the church.

Soy left today to spend a month in Guatemala working alongside the teams using the L.G. Camp, Jr. mission house.  Deidra was going to take him to the airport this morning but he insisted that I take him instead.  (Unlike Kristin Fontenot Woods, Deidra is willing to take her husband to the airport and pick him up when he returns!)  So, I figure that I will simply pull up to the curb and let Soy get his luggage and go.  Not so fast my friend!  He wanted me to come inside with him just in case there was a problem.  Okay, one favor.  He got checked in after I had set his bags on the scale (his back was hurting!).  Now, I can leave.  Not so fast my friend!  Soy wanted me to go upstairs with him to the TSA checkpoint.  Okay, one more favor.  Now, I can leave.  Not so fast my friend!  He starts crying, tells me how much he is going to miss me, and wants me to go with him to the gate.  I explain that I cannot since I do not have a boarding pass.  He asks me to call Ted Ezell’s son, Thomas, who is the director of the airport and get a special clearance.  I tell him it is too early to call  Thomas.  Finally, I tell him that if he will go to the gate like a “big” boy (which he is by the way) then when he gets back home we will rent the jumpy thing from Ray Baber again.  He was now a happy camper.  He gave me a huge bear hug and ask me to wait until he got through the TSA checkpoint before leaving.  He waved all the way now to his gate.  (Reminded me of someone else!)  Talk about embarrassing!  I finally left about an hour after getting to the airport.

Lisa then had mandated that I go to Walmart to buy groceries and my garden was waiting when I got home before getting to the church to drive the bus for VBS.

By the way, I am glad that Soy is gone as he gave me one of the most horrifying experiences of my life this past Tuesday night.  My family was fast asleep and I see bright lights coming from the neighbors house to the southwest of us (that would be Soy & Deidra).  I look out the window to see Soy sitting in his carport with nothing but a pair of gym shorts on – yuk!  He was sitting Indian style doing some type of yogurt or something.  I did not sleep that night as that vision kept playing over in my mind.  Anyone know a good counselor?

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.  Pray for our VBS!

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