MONDAY, 6/13/22

Good morning from the Mobile airport where Lisa are waiting to board a plane to Atlanta where we will connect to a flight to Guatemala City.  Many thanks to Eddie Albritton for transporting us to the airport at 4:00AM.  (I was not real happy with the fuel “surcharge” ($25) he added to the ticket but it is what it is!

Shawn Felps is having a heart cath this morning.  Pray for the doctors to get a clear picture of what is taking place with his heart.

Dale Ellerman’s father has been admitted to a hospice facility.  He has declined physically very quickly.  Pray for Mr. Ellerman, Mrs. Ellerman, Dale and the entire family.

Bill Goff remains in the hospital but “may” be moved to a rehab facility today.  What a great Christian gentleman!  Pray for Bill.

Lanell McConnell is also in the hospital with a broken ankle due to a fall.  She is in good spirits and is witnessing to everyone who comes in contact with her.  Pray for quick recovery.  I “think” she will be looking a entering a rehab facility too.

Rick Bradley’s father is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, 6/14.  Keep praying for Mr. Bradley.

Steve Morris was not in our services yesterday which most likely means he was not feeling well.  Virginia was present but I did not get the opportunity to speak to her.  Pray for Steve.

Tiffany told me that her mother, Myrtle Bowden, was doing ok.  Continue to pray.

Tim Knighten continues to patiently wait on further word from M.D. Anderson Hospital.  Keep praying!

A team of thirty something folks will be flying from Mobile and Atlanta this Thursday to make up our first GRACE Ministries team of the Summer.  Pray for them as they make final preparations to leave.

Speaking of mission trips, Johnny & Charlene Sessions had a great trip to Kentucky last week  with the Mobile Baptist Builders.  Good stuff.  Interested in learning more about the MBB, contact Johnny!

We were blessed with a good day in our services yesterday.  Ian did a nice job of leading our musical worship in Brad’s absence.  Addison hit it out of the park last night!  Thank God for His blessings!

It seemed that our VBS went well last night.  Thank you to all who are making this happen!

Friendship family, please mark the dates of July 20 – August 28, 2022 on your calendars as we will enter a season of prayer and fasting.  Then, on Sunday, August 28, we will conclude that period of time with a special offering for the purchase of the eighteen acres that adjoins our back forty.  Our goal is one hundred and thirteen thousand dollars.  With God, we can do this.  We will do this with His help!

I shared a bit of our vision in last night’s service as we look to move forward with some changes.  I have been consulting with our deacons for months now regarding this possibility.  More details to come!

Church wide fellowship on Sunday, July 3, beginning at 5:00PM.  Stacey Dyess will be the lead chef as he will cook up some awesome pork (think Porky)!  The members of the Friendship family are asked to bring potato salad, baked beans and desserts.  It will help if you sign up for this gathering.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.



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