THURSDAY, 2/28/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”  (Psalm 119:11)

And in a few short hours February 2019 will be history!  Wow, that was certainly fast!  The highlight of the month for me personally was the groundbreaking on 2/1 for the new school in Guatemala.  What a huge blessing as the workers are busily moving along toward the 12/31/19 completion deadline.

The annual yard sale begins at 7:00AM today, repeats the process tomorrow, and then again on Saturday morning.  Auction begins at 5:00PM on Saturday.

Visited Miss Dollie early yesterday morning.  She still was not feeling well.  Not sure what the next move will be in her care.

Anna Carol Bosarge continues to need our prayer support as her pain is intense.  Please pray for Anna Carol.

Good day in our services yesterday morning and evening.  I am told that our students had a good Bible study with Dale.  Dale will soon be meeting with those actively involved in our student ministry to make some plans going forward.

It was great seeing Bubba Baggett in our service last night.  Welcome home Bubba.  Good bye Bubba.  (He leaves again in two weeks)

Does Katie Tillman still attend Friendship?  I “thought” I saw her this past Sunday morning in one of our services but she did not come speak to me so that could not have been her.  I have not seen her on a Wednesday night since like 1993.  Anyone have any information?  (It seems that Bubba attends more than Katie.  Just saying!)

The good news for Katie and others is that folks can give online through our website.  Simple process.

I am not a big buffet person.  However, if I am ever at a buffet then you can have the crab legs!  Dr. Rex, what is going on in Huntsville?

Bill Kendrick’s fellow fans were not happy campers last night following their game against UT.  Bill, can you not control your fanbase?

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.


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  • Thank You Sweet Heavenly Father that Katie Tillman and Grant were at Church last night. There were only like 79 preschoolers in her class last night. LOL They were a little to busy to pet the pastors ego. just saying… I also want to say thank you to all who sponsored a state from our Mission Organizations. We are almost 2/5’s of the way to our goal.

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