This entry is way late!  I apologize!  Why is it late?  Two words – Elizabeth Westbrook.  Enough said!

Lee Sessions has been admitted to the hospital.  He has been running an elevated temperature for several days.  They did blood work yesterday but those results are not back yet.  Pray for Lee.

Mark Timberlake now needs a pacemaker.  He is scheduled for that procedure on September 29.  He also needs surgery on his other leg.  Pray for Mark.

JoNell Barnes’ sister-in-law in Texas passed from this life.  JoNell and crew will be going there for the service.  Pray for them as they travel.

The Pouncey family with whom Bill & Debbie Kendrick are close friends continue to have one trial after another.  Pray for them.

Debbie’s sister-in-law, Mary, has two tumors on her thyroid.  These tumors need to be removed soon.  Pray that will happen in a timely fashion.

Pray for the thirteen families of the US military who were killed in Afghanistan recently.

Pray for the folks who have begun the recovery process from Hurricane Ida.

Speaking of Hurricane Ida, there will be no church fellowship at Presley’s Outing this Sunday, 9/5.  The water level is way too high.  We will have a worship service in our auditorium at 6:00PM.  Of course, Sunday morning is regular.

If you are reading this blog entry then you have most likely seen our newly redesigned website.  Good job by that group of folks who made this happen.  I was pretty instrumental in helping them with the technical stuff!  Just saying!

Dr. Rex Looney should be ashamed of himself!  Ashamed I tell you!

I pray that you will have a great rest of your Wednesday with Jesus.


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