WEDNESDAY, 3/24/10

Pastor Jack Bailey’s wife, June, is having surgery this morning in Cullman, AL.  Nancy West is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow.  Pray for these ladies. 

Reb Nevin’s brother, Chuck Medchill, is facing another triple bypass surgery on his heart.  He needs to be moved to a different hospital in order for the surgery to happen.  Pray for Chuck & his family. 

I forgot to give an update sent by Nanette Fontenot regarding Jayne English.  She will stay in the same hospital until they can get her off of the ventilator.  The doctors have decided to keep her more sedated so as to allow her lungs to rest. 

I should have given the update on Jayne yesterday but Nanette sends me so many e-mails that I simply overlooked one that was actually important. 

Keep praying for all those who are battling cancer.  Again, Gage begins his treatments tomorrow. 

Pastor Travis did a very nice job of ministering at his grandmother’s funeral.  Thanks to Miss Vinnie & Miss Edna for coordinating the food and thanks to all who helped with the cooking.  A “thank you” goes to the members of 1st Baptist Grand Bay who helped also. 

The hockey professor, Tim Mast, has spoken and he isn’t giving the UAH Chargers any chance at all in their game against Miami this Saturday.  We have ice in Alabama!  Rex, keep the faith!  UAH may “charge” into the Frozen Four! 

We have someone who is going to do the caulk/painting work.  He is a professional and is giving us a fair price.  Folks, if you could see the work of our “expert” carpenters regarding the trim work, you would realize we need a professional – LOL!  (They did a great job!) 

I need to meet with Tony & Dawn Hacker, Ed & Leslie Williams, and Glen & Carla Cooper at 6:45PM tonight. 

Regular Wednesday around here today.  I pray you will have a great one with Jesus!

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  • Rex Looney says:

    My assistant is a UAH graduate and plans to attend the frozen four this weekend. I have given her your cell phone number and asked her to update you hourly as to how the tournament is progressing.

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