TUESDAY, 6/18/24

Miss Connie Hardy has been admitted to the hospital.  She is having some issues with blood clots.  As always, she is in good spirits and her daughter, Debbie, is a great caregiver.  Pray for Miss Connie.

Larsyn Kyser, granddaughter of Donnie & Marisa Felps, had surgery yesterday.  Marisa and Bro. Abel sent me an update.  The surgery went well and she will be in the hospital for several days.  Pray for Larsyn.

Larry Whitehurst has been moved to a regular hospital room.  The doctors are somewhat confused as to why his sodium level does not stay where it needs to be.  God has done a good work in Larry’s life and we praise Him.  Keep praying for Larry & Judy.

For the time being, Miss Annie Hayes is living with Lisa.  Lisa is a great friend!  Brad & Daphne have provided great help too.  Pray for Miss Annie.

Cindy Stokes took a fall while working on a house in Guatemala yesterday.  She broke her left wrist.  Her husband, Al, sent her to the doctor while he remained on the build site.  Are you kidding me!  Fortunately, Kayla Hatcher went with her and provided great help and support.  Kayla did the right thing and I appreciate her doing so.  Kayla is not medical but she stayed in touch with Daphne to make sure everything was being done correctly.  Of course, Cindy has multiple medical contacts and knew what to do as well.  Daisy stepped up and helped in a big way.  What about Deidra?  She does not do medical!  Pray for Cindy!

The rains have come in abundance here in Guatemala.  Yes, it has presented some challenges but all is well.  We should completely finish the twenty houses today, Lord willing.

I appreciate all Bro. Abel is doing in my absence.  He is doing well.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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