TUESDAY, 5/22/12

I forgot to post that Mac McGriff’s sister, Linda, was discharged from the hospital and is doing great.  What an answer to prayer!

Elizabeth Sessions’ mother, Miss Catherine Leach, will have a very serious surgery on Thursday afternoon.  She had a procedure last week and her blood pressure bottomed out three times.

Caroline Ford sees another doctor tomorrow.  She continues to have some ongoing health issues.  Pray that this doctor will be able to find the cause of these problems.

There is a medical team using the mission house in Guatemala this week.  They actually leave tomorrow.  A piece of very expensive medical equipment they took with them has disappeared.  (It was taken in one of the villages and not from the mission house)  Pray that it can be found before they leave.

I know that some of you folks got rain yesterday afternoon.  I watched it build in the North and then move to the East.  Those living at 12521 Longview got zero rain.  However, because of Soy’s ingenuity, I have two sprinklers in the garden that keep it watered.  (He stole Wes Garrison’s concept – hope it did not have a patent)  I am using water from Charles’ well and he is only charging slightly less than GBWWB does – what a great guy!  I will have to give you the “rest of the story” regarding Soy and the garden in another post.  Unbelievable!

The NBA playoffs are done!  The Lakers were obviously ripped off as the Thunder and the refs beat them again last night.  Honestly, I have not watched three minutes of the playoffs up to this point and will probably not watch that much from this point forward.

This entry is too long.  Sorry!  Hope you have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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  • Joe Bailey says:

    Actually, the refs tried to help LA. Kobe clearly picked up his 3rd foul in the 1st quarter and they gave it to Bell. Didn’t matter though. Thunder Struck!

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