SATURDAY, 11/21/20

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)

We will be going “live stream only” for the next two Sundays, 11/22 & 11/29.  Tomorrow’s live stream will begin at 10:30AM.  Yes, we will have the radio feed available for those who wish to sit in the church parking lot and listen on their vehicle’s radio.  I simply ask that folks remain in their vehicle.  No one will be allowed in the church buildings except for me and the media guys.  Again, no musical worship, just preaching.  Please help pass the word.  Please pray.  Please remember to give online or to mail your offerings in to the church office at P.O. Box 756 Grand Bay, AL 36541.

There will be no activities on our campus this coming week.  Which means there will be no Wednesday services or activities which is normal for us during Thanksgiving week.

The church office remains closed until Monday, 11/30, at 8:00AM.

The virus has hit the Turrentine household.  Lisa was scheduled to leave this morning heading to Guatemala to spend Thanksgiving with Soy, Deidra and the girls.  Lisa and Deidra were going to host the neighbors for a special Thanksgiving meal.  As I was checking in for my flight from Guatemala City on Thursday, word came to me that Lisa had tested positive for the virus.  She was floored as she had zero symptoms.  One of my initial thoughts was to simply not get on the plane and to stay for Thanksgiving with the Taylors.  However, I knew that I needed to come home and be the nurse for my wife.  So, I got home late Thursday night and began my nursing duties.  Those duties were doubled Friday afternoon when Gina’s test results also came back positive.  I am keeping Lisa and Gina full of Tylenol (is that two every six hours or six every two hours?), keeping them hydrated and fed, keeping up with their oxygen sat numbers and taking their temperature regularly.  As it stands right now, Gina is faring better than Lisa but she is a little younger.  Prayers appreciated.

Daphne just completed the requirements for her doctorate as a Nurse Practitioner.  Congratulations to Daphne.  I am very proud of her.  She is obviously much more qualified than me to care for Lisa and Gina.  She has been great in being willing to help me in any way needed.  However, I will not let her come in our house in order to keep her and her family from being exposed to the virus.  So, I lean on her for medical advice.  She brought us lunch yesterday.  Meanwhile, Deidra is washing clothes!

Another person who has been the absolute best during this whole ordeal is Todd Stork!  I am telling you that they do not come any better than Todd.  He has gone above and beyond to help us.  I am very, very grateful to Todd!  His servant’s heart is incredible!

As far as I know, counting Lisa & Gina, there are a maximum of six folks within the Friendship family actively battling the virus.  One or two others are waiting on test results.  Others have been exposed.  We are obviously not at a critical point within the church family but I am doing what I can to be proactive in stopping the spread of the virus among our folks.  Pray for one another.

TJ Vice graciously took my Kentucky vs Alabama football tickets from me for today’s game.  I had no choice but to stay home and care for Lisa & Gina.  Wait, yes I did have another choice per Lisa – divorce!  TJ told me he was running a little low on cash but he would settle up with me later.  Typical deacon talk!

Confession – Daphne is really not that much more qualified than me to care for Lisa and Gina medically.  I just wanted her to feel super good about her doctorate!  Just saying!

I do know that just before 3:00PM today I will be using the six pills every two hours formula until around 6:30PM.  Lisa and Gina need sleep!  LOL!

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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