THURSDAY, 9/2/21

Today marks the thirty fifth anniversary of the passing of Lisa’s only brother, Michael.  What a tough day that was for this family. It seems like ancient history and yet it seems like it happened yesterday.  I loved Michael and cannot imagine what it would be like to know him as a fifty three year old brother-in-law.  Michael was spoiled but, in my opinion, he was a good young man.

Today also marks the thirty second anniversary of John M. “Dub” Ladnier’s passing from this life.  After a struggle with cancer, one of Michael’s best friends was taken from this life on the same date just three years later.  Thank God for those precious memories!

Lee Sessions remains in the hospital.  His is not covid related.  They are not sure why his temperature is elevated.  Pray for Lee!

Keep praying for Leah Falana’s son who is stationed in Kuwait and for Decker Terry’s nephew who was in Afghanistan.  Pray for all of our military personnel.

We also need to continue to pray for those impacted by Hurricane Ida.  What a tough storm!

Justice John Roberts has proven once again that he cannot be labeled as a conservative.  I am thankful for the conservative five on the US Supreme Court.

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday morning.  We will have an evening service at 6:00PM but nothing else during that time.  I encourage those from the Friendship family who will be out of town on this last major holiday of 2021 to consider giving their regular offering online this week.  Why not do that now?  Thank you for giving to the Lord!

Speaking of giving, we will be receiving an anniversary love offering for Bro. Abel this Sunday in all three services.  Pray and give as the Lord leads if you did not get to do so last Sunday.

Our deacons will meet this Sunday afternoon at 5:00PM.  Brothers, take note and attend if at all possible.

Remember, NO church fellowship at Presley’s Outing this Sunday!

I watched some of the UAB game last night.  Looking forward to this Saturday’s games.  I do enjoy college football.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.


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