WEDNESDAY, 9/14/22

Carol Lucky is in a Pensacola, FL hospital and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning if all goes as planned.   Lord willing, I will drive over to sit with Terry while Carol is in surgery.  Keep praying for Carol.  She is a lady of very strong faith.

As far as I know, Dale Ellerman remains in a Birmingham hospital.  I hope to get an update later today.

Regular schedule on our campus today – morning and evening.

Missionary P.C. Alexander will be our guest messenger this Sunday morning and evening.  I am looking forward to hearing from the Lord once again through Bro. Alex.  Pray for the services.

I learned yesterday that Rhett “McGyver” Butler spent basically an entire day working on the back forty trying to whip it back into shape following all of the rains.  Rhett, and others like him, do so much on our campus and for our church without seeking any recognition.  God knows and He will reward them accordingly!

Our fall soccer season begins league play this Saturday, 9/17.  Bro. Abel is coordinating the leagues and many others are helping.  William Sessions is definitely a huge help to Bro. Abel and I am thankful for his helping heart too!

Joey Bosarge came by the house late yesterday afternoon bringing stone crab ready to eat.  I was out mowing and by the time I got in the house Lisa had devoured all of them.  She said they were delicious!  Thank you Joey & Bibbi for this kind act.

Over the past few days, I have received some extremely nice correspondence from random folks.  Not sure if they know something that I do not know but I am grateful for the kind words shared.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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