THURSDAY, 9/22/22

Happy eighth birthday to our granddaughter, Audrey!  Lisa and I love Audrey who just happens to be our youngest granddaughter.  I hope she will have a great day today.  Happy birthday, Audrey!

I learned that Richard Tillman recently spent about a week in the hospital.  Pray for Richard as he recovers at home.

Steve Morris has not been feeling well physically.  Please remember to pray for Steve and Virginia!

Dale Ellerman remains in a rehab facility in Birmingham.  Keep praying!

Also, keep praying for Carol Lucky as she continues her rehab.  Carol is very blessed to have a most supportive husband.  She has an extra strong faith!

I am praying many members of the Friendship family will join us for our services this Sunday morning and then join us for the baptism and fellowship at Presley’s Outing beginning at 4:00PM.  We need those attending to bring a side plus a dessert.  The hamburgers and drinks will be provided.  Pass the word!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus!

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