FRIDAY, 3/3/23

What is this?  A blog entry?  Are you serious?  Do you believe in miracles?  (Al Michaels 2/22/80)

Here are a few prayer requests:

Lee Sessions is at home rehabbing from his work related injury.  Pray for Lee & Elizabeth.

Clinton Stringfellow continues to have problems with A fib.  Trying to sort out some things with insurance in order to have another procedure.  Pray for Clinton.

Liz Whalen got her test results back and she does have a malignancy.  She will meet with an oncologist next week to get a plan in place.  Liz is a lady of strong faith.  Pray for Liz and John.

Keith Barrett continues to be a blessing to me as he continues to trust the Lord regardless of what comes his way.  Keep praying for Keith and Aninha.

Myrtle Bowden had another treatment this past Monday.  As always, keep praying for Myrtle.

Michelle Fore’s mother continues in her battle against a malignancy.  Keep praying for Michelle’s mother.

Our friend, Kristie Potts, in Michigan is battling a malignancy.  She and her husband, John, are great friends.  Pray for them.

The yard sale continues today from 7:00AM until 5:00PM and then resumes tomorrow from 8:00AM until noon.  The appraisals take place tomorrow at 4:00PM followed by the auction which begins at 5:00PM.

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday – morning and evening.

John Milton Ladnier has done it again!  He has gotten my garden spot ready to plant.  John is an amazing person!  I am very, very appreciative of his continuing willingness to help me over and over again.  What a brother in the Lord!  Thank you John Milton!

I have been offered a ride by an unknown number of folks over the past month.  Very kind and very much appreciated!  Pastor Joe David Bailey has been a most consistent friend to check on me.  Bro. Johnny Tucker has done likewise.  A countless number of folks have assured me of their prayer support.  I am not worthy of such kindnesses but am very grateful!

By the way, Deidra’s latest blog entry is a winner (in my opinion).

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.


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