WEDNESDAY, 11/1/23

I wrote yesterday that Linda Green was much improved.  Not long after writing those words, I was called to say that the family had been called in.  Physically, Linda is not doing well.  Plans right now are to possibly move her to a hospice facility but all plans are fluid at this point.  Pray for Linda.  Pray for her family.  Pray for the medical folks caring for her.  Linda Green is a fine lady!

Miss Georgia Crawley is in the hospital and has been since Sunday night.  She says she is doing better.  Her son, David, told me that she could possibly be discharged in a couple of days.  Pray for Miss Georgia and family.

Bibbi’s brother is in the hospital with an injury.  Pray for all to go well for him.

Johnny Sessions was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  I had a most pleasant visit with him and Sharlene yesterday morning until Johnny hinted for me to give him a sponge bath – just saying!  Johnny & Sharlene are a great couple!  Pray for Johnny.

Regular schedule on our campus today.

Loving these cooler temperatures.  Nothing like sleeping with the windows open on a cooler night.

Time change this Sunday – hooray!

Pastor Shirlon & Jennifer Davis put their Christmas decorations up yesterday.  Are you kidding me?

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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