THURSDAY, 11/2/23

Linda Green was moved to a hospice facility yesterday.  It appears her time on this earth is drawing to an end fairly quickly.  Pray for Linda and her family.

Miss Georgia Crawley remains in the hospital.  Keep praying!

Eric Harrington is doing remarkably well.  He gets his stitches removed today.  Eric is an amazing young man.

Angie Bentley has some physical issues that are being addressed.  Pray for the doctors to know how to best help her.

Willie Sprinkle remains in the hospital battling an infection caused by an accidental stab wound.  Pray for Willie.

Fall back this Saturday night!  Hooray!

Pastor Doug Chappelle would not know a good blog entry if it slapped him in the face.  Just saying!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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