FRIDAY, 11/8/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

Good morning from Rocky Ford, Alabama.  What?  Where?  More on that later.

I failed to post an entry yesterday morning and did not even realize it until very late in the day.  My apologies.  No need for me to fill in the blanks.  So, let me say what a great job Pastor Wes Bates did sharing the Gospel during the afternoon session on Wednesday at the conference.  He poured his heart into the message and I was very proud of him.  Evangelist Michael Mason did a very nice job in the evening session too.  I am very thankful to these two men along with Keith, Abel, Dawn & Lisa.  It was a good conference and plans are already being made for the tenth anniversary conference set to take place next year.

Maxine Dupont was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  She simply has not gotten better.  Pray for the doctors to discover the cause of her problems.  Pray for Maxine.

Bro. Robbie & Miss Peggy’s daughter, Lynne, passed from this life earlier this week.  There will be a memorial service for her in our auditorium tomorrow morning, 11/19, beginning at 11:00AM.  Pray for the family as they walk through this valley.

Myrtle continues with her treatments.  Keep praying.

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday morning and evening.

The community Veteran’s Day service takes place beginning at 3:00PM in the parking lot of the Grand Bay Community Church.  I am told that sixty or so veterans will be in attendance.  Pray for this service.  Attend this service.

I have heard there is going to be a football game in Tuscaloosa tomorrow.  There is certainly a lot of hype so I sure there is a game!

Ok, so how did I end up in Rocky Ford?  I have basically known all week that dad has been having some physical issues.  My older brother, Eddie, and my sister, Melissa, have been very involved in getting him to doctor’s visits, et cetera.  A pathology report has come back and the oncologist yesterday decided to see dad first thing this morning.  Dad definitely has cancer in a new area of his body.  So, I deplaned in Atlanta last night, rented a car and headed this way in order to be with dad for this visit.

Also, my ninety three year old uncle continues to decline physically and I will visit with him today too.

Lord willing, I will drive to Grand Bay later this afternoon and then head to Tuscaloosa early in the morning.  Yes, I am a bit crazy but it is ok as I have papers.  I appreciate Bro. Abel & Pastor Wes getting my vehicle home from the Gulfport airport last night.  By the way, Lisa took a bus from El Salvador to Guatemala yesterday morning so she is there for a few days.

Heading to Danville High School to listen to my great nephew, Grayson, share a devotional with the football team.  Good luck to all of the teams involved in the playoffs which begin tonight.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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