Praise the Lord!  We had a very blessed day yesterday in our services.  What a joy to see Ashley Crawley and Robbie Rolls make public professions of faith in our second morning service.  Our attendance was a bit down in the morning but we had a very strong attendance in our evening service – maybe we should meet in the CAB every Sunday night.  It was a blessing to see/hear Kayla Brown, Katelyn Jackson, Johnny Ladnier, and Brianne Woods stand up as leaders within our student ministry.  I look forward to all that God is going to do through our students in the days ahead.  Coach Nate and John Vickers did a nice job of leading our worship last night too – thanks guys!

Speaking of our student ministry, we are going to have a student ministry leadership meeting tonight, 6/25, beginning at 7:30PM in the student ministry building.  Any interested student, freshman through senior ’08, is invited to attend. 

The visitation with the Leasure family went well and I ask that you pray for the funeral service today at 11:00AM.  Thank you to those who ministered yesterday and to those who will help with the meal today.  A special thanks to Jeanette Bates, who had hip replacement surgery eleven days ago, for serving as the pianist; to Deanna Wetterer for being the soloist; to Raymond Wilkinson for running the sound system.  We are blessed with wonderful folks! 

Sambo Bowden continues to have a lot of pain relating to his back surgery and suffered through some muscle spasms yesterday.  Miss Jo French and Juanita McElroy remain hospitalized too.  They may allow Jo to sit up today but that isn’t guaranteed.  Miss Lucine Bryant is having surgery today and they may have to replace her knee.  Whitney Bryant meets with the oncologist today to discuss treatement options.  Neal Barnes is seemingly in his last days according to his parents.  So, please pray for these folks and their families. 

Bro. Jerry and team are scheduled to leave Guatemala at 1:25PM (our time) today and arrive in Mobile tonight.  Pray for their safety in travel.  Clint Landry’s team finally got to Peru at 7:00AM yesterday morning. 

It’s wedding week!!!  Phil Sims and Judi Miller are getting married Friday night at 7:00PM at 1st Baptist GB and you are cordially invited to attend.  However, when I say that it is wedding week then I mean it is wedding #1 for the Turrentine household as Daphne & Brad are counting down the hours!  Lisa has the whip cracking – I now know how Ross Genzink felt the first week of May as they prepared for Jenna & Jeremy’s wedding! 

So many of you have been so very kind to offer to help us this week and that is very much appreciated by Lisa and me.  It is going to be a busy and exciting week.  I have made one minor change – I am going to preach in the 8:00AM service this Sunday and Bro. Johnny Tucker will preach in the 10:30AM service.  By the way, all members of the Friendship family are invited to attend these ceremonies per the invitations yesterday. 

I try to listen well and I heard through the grapevine that my cousin in Michigan, Kathy Gettig, is celebrating a birthday today.  She is either 73 or 37 – I don’t remember which one!  Happy birthday Kathy! 

Dr. Jill and Biker Brandon are in my doghouse as I heard they were in town last night and didn’t attend the service!  What’s up with that? 

I hope you have a great day in the Lord!  Tell someone about Jesus! 


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  • kathy genzink says:

    WHATEVER!!!!!! With all the “funeral buns” Ross couldn’t help but be cool as a cucumber!! I think it was the out of town guest that made him nervous and uptight. Have a fun week, we will see you soon. Praying for all, Kathy

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