FRIDAY, 7/15/22

“ONE MONTH, ONE CHURCH”  Friendship family, remember that we are having Sunday School (9:15AM) and our 10:30AM worship service only this Sunday morning.  We will also have VBS beginning at 5:00PM and our evening service beginning at 6:00PM.  No early morning worship service!

Nanette Fontenot sent me some wrong information – imagine that!  Her father, Terrell, received his test results and they were good but he goes back in six months for another test.  However, Nanette has not gotten the results from her test yet.  It must be tough getting old!  Poor Scott!

There were two salvation decisions at the McKemie Place last night as our folks ministered there.  Deacon Joey Bosarge shared the Word.  Praise the Lord!

I do not have an update on Miss Vinnie’s son-in-law, Hugh but do ask you to continue to pray.

Kendall Falana’s father passed from this life yesterday morning.  Pray for Kendall’s mother, Kendall and the family during this time of sorrow.

Keep praying for Myrtle Bowden.

Our ladies ministry needs more diapers to give away on the second Tuesday of each month.  A baby basinette is in the foyer of the auditorium to receive these diaper donations.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.



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