Regular schedule on our campus today – morning and evening.  I pray that the members of the Friendship family will be faithful to attend.

Yancey Hall did well through his surgical procedure and should be discharged from the hospital today, if all goes as planned.  Keep praying for Yancey.

Joseph Davila also did well through his procedure yesterday morning and came home.  Pray for him in his recovery.

Brooke Whitehurst was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  All looks good per the doctor but that will not be a definite until the pathology report is returned.  Keep praying for Brooke as she recovers.

Bro. Abel visited with Bill Goff yesterday and learned that Bill has recently spent some time in the hospital.  He is back at the assisted living facility now and is doing much better.  Pray for Bill.

Liz Whalen will meet with an oncologist tomorrow.  Pray that visit goes well!

Keep praying for Clinton Stringfellow and the situation with his afib.

As always, continue to pray for Myrtle Bowden.

The number one question has been, “who are the twins helping with the garden?”  Some have believed that it is Dana & Gina.  Hello, that is way wrong.  Members of my family have never set foot in the garden!  These “two” twins are identical, are in our morning service each Sunday and have a mind to work.  Great young men!  I am in hopes that John Milton Ladnier is going to teach them a thing or two about gardening!

The second question has been, “how did your sleep study go?”  I have heard nothing official from the doctor but let me go ahead and predict a “F” as my grade.  Just saying!  I think that I did not study enough!

I continue to be impressed with Norman Richerson and his dedication to being the gym five days a week.  The man is almost eighty-nine years of age and does not miss a beat.  Impressive!  Great job, Norman.

Want to join us in Guatemala the dates of June 15 – 22, 2023?  Need to hear from you by tomorrow, 3/9, noon.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

P.S. – Our blog readership has now dipped to nine.  Folks like Katie Tillman and Elizabeth Westbrook has forsaken me.  I call them Demas!  However, I am thankful for the Rex Looneys of this blog world!


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