FRIDAY, 3/26/10

Can’t explain the “why” but I could not access our website to blog until now and I have been trying since early.  It is my “off” day but I do blog anyway unlike some (one) of my minister friends!  Chris thinks our server was updating or something during the night.  Maybe we should pay our bill? 

I went to the hospital early this morning to see Nancy West but she was discharged yesterday.  Reb Nevin’s brother, Chuck Medchill, is having heart surgery in FL today.  Gage Hudson is taking another radiation treatment. 

Jack Ciak e-mailed from Arkansas yesterday to ask that we pray for Carolyn’s niece Carly who has been diagnosed with cancer.  She is 19 years old and Carly’s brother has cancer that is in remission.  Carolyn’s sister, Seal, is obviously concerned with two children having cancer.  Pray for Carly as she begins treatments.  Stephanie Davis’ baby, Hayden, had a tough day yesterday.  Keep praying for Carla Kyser, Joyce Bosarge, & Bill Abendroth in their respective battles against cancer. 

Bill Unrue’s brother passed away in Ohio.  Bill & Bea are there.  Pastor Benny Still’s mother passed away and that service is today in Mississippi. 

Our daughter, Daphne passed her state board yesterday so she is now officially a licensed Nurse Practitioner!  Lisa & I are very proud of her!  She & Deidra have both done well!  (Okay, so Deidra married Soy but you can’t bat one thousand!)  Lisa & I thank God for all five of our daughters.  Now we are praying that Hien can pass her driver’s license test.  Do you believe in miracles?

I was 3 of 4 last night in the NCAA tourney.  I have Duke, Baylor, & Ohio State in tonight’s games.  I am pulling for Michigan State because of my friends i.e. Dr. Karen in Michigan but will not be surprised if NIU pulls another upset.  I had KU in my “one & only” bracket unlike folks like Joe David Bailey who has 137  brackets – does he fill those out on church time? 

Thanks to Tony Hacker, Chris Taylor, & Tyler Russell for basically finishing Phase I (minus the carpet & base) yesterday and cleaning that area so it is ready for Sunday. 

Don’t forget bus visitation & the outreach visitation tomorrow morning.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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