The Lord blessed and we had a good Wednesday in our various services, Bible studies, and classes.  From all reports, the Christmas party at the convalescent home went well too. 

We are good to go as far as folks being in the hospital right now.  We continue to pray for those who are recovering at home. 

Lori Breedlove Bailey gave birth to a set of twins yesterday afternoon.  They checked in weighing five pounds and five pounds and nine ounces respectively.  Mother, son, and daughter are doing fine as is daddy – Joe David Bailey.  These are the newest grandchildren for Pastor Jack & June Bailey of Danville Baptist and of the late Dwight Breedlove and Jennifer Breedlove.  Congratuations to Joe David and Lori! 

Speaking of giving birth, you ever wondered why pregnant women don’t fall forward since they are carrying some much weight out front?  I haven’t but some scientists obviously did so they conducted a study on the matter.  Their conclusion?  Women and men are built differently (must have been rocket scientists) in their lower back and hips with women being built in such a way that they can carry the extra weight without falling forward.  The reason?  Evolution noted the need and made a slight change in the female’s body structure.  Please!  If only God could have seen this then perhaps He could have created us!  We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” as an awesome Creator (God) created us in His image!  I could have saved those scientists a lot of money and time! 

T. Garrett, your grandmother is not a happy camper with you! 

Hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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  • T. Garrett says:

    So I hear, my Grandmother is not known for keeping things to herself! Brittney is also not happy with me… I have spoken against her boyfriend… I just can’t win for losing.

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