We had a good day yesterday in our services and we are thankful for the Lord’s blessings.  That marked the last Wednesday that we will meet in 2007 as we will not have any services/Bible studies/classes next Wednesday, 12/26.  However, we will resume a normal schedule on Wednesday, 1/2/08. 

I spoke too soon yesterday about members of the Friendship family not being in the hospital.  Sarah Thornton was admitted to the hospital with an infection which, I am assuming, has to do with her recent surgery.  Pray for Sarah.

Lisa, the girls, Buddy Jones, and I will leave late this morning, Lord willing, to drive to Hartselle, AL for my extended family’s Christmas gathering which will take place on Saturday.  Michael & Deidra will join us tomorrow while Brad & Daphne will do the same tomorrow night.  My brother from China found out at basically the last minute that he can’t come home but the rest of us should be there and I am looking forward to it.  We will return home Saturday night in order to be in the services Sunday morning. 

I probably will not make another entry into this blog until Monday, 12/24, unless something happens that needs to be shared with the members of the Friendship family.  I hope you and your family will be in church this Sunday and I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus. 

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