TUESDAY, 9/24/13

Shawn Burwell ended up having a double by-pass yesterday and did well through the surgery.  I was with him early and then Bro. Jerry sat with Nikki during the actual operation which I appreciate.

Tyrone, Terry & Michael’s mother, Miss Arlene, did well through her surgery too as far as I know.  Pastor David Jones was there with the family and I went by and stayed until she was taken off by-pass.

Visited with Miss Joyce Davie.  Her condition has not improved.  She is a really sick lady who needs our prayers.

Janice & Juanita’s mother, Miss Mazie, “may” have surgery today per Bro. Jerry.

Our Finance Committee is meeting and will present a proposed budget this Sunday, 9/29.  TJ Vice is the chairman, Larry Whitehurst the vice-chairman and Rita Boutwell the secretary of that committee.  Pray for them as they seek the Lord in this area.

We are on a regular schedule tomorrow morning and evening.  The 7:30PM Bible study group will have a special treat when it comes to the meal.  I do mean real special.  We have “synonymous” folks providing the meal!  You do not want to miss it!

Does Joe David really believe the NFL game last night was better than the college games of Saturday?  Please!  That CSU vs Bama game was must see tv!  What is JD thinking!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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