TUESDAY, 7/22/14

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Chronicles 6:12-8:10 Romans 7:14-8:8 Psalm 18:1-15 Proverbs 19:24-25

On the revival prayer point today – Tyrone Crawley, Ben & Diane Vickers     wade@wademorris.com

On the revival prayer point tomorrow, 7/23 – Beth Bradley, Katie Tillman, Lisa Turrentine

Jack Sims will be having surgery today.

Martha Patrick was admitted to the hospital late yesterday afternoon.

Kathleen Henderson was in the hospital over the weekend but was discharged before I got to see her yesterday.

Cristy Leytham was not discharged from the hospital yesterday but is supposed to go to her son’s house in the city today.  She is very weak.

Bro. Johnny Tucker got a good report from the doctor yesterday and will not have to have his defibrillator replaced at this point in time.

We are on a regular schedule tomorrow morning and evening.

This coming Sunday, 7/27, is the final Sunday of this church year.  It is my  prayer that we will finish strong. I pray that each member of the Friendship family who is in town will be in his/her rightful place for Bible study and worship.

Bro. Chris will begin working to restore our website today.  I have now heard from all eight of our readers and they are ready for us to get back up and running.  When will that happen?  Time will tell.  The pressure is on Bro. Chris.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.  Pray for revival!

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  • Reb nevin says:

    Please add Celia Rayner, our sister in law…Stephen’s wife, to our prayer list as she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Would you also keep our daughter,Wendy and the twins as well as Rob and Greg, Holly’s husband, in your prayers for travel mercies. Thank you and God Bless

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