TUESDAY, 6/15/10

Ted Ezell remains in the hospital with no indication from the doctors what is causing his problems.  Barbara Kelley is having her tonsils removed tomorrow and Dollie Trout is having a heart cath on Wednesday also.  Betty Creech’s dad may have to be placed in the hospital as they suspect he has pneumonia.  Pray for all of these needs as well as those who are battling cancer.

Joe David Bailey is a friend from Danville, Alabama.  He is trying to take his student group on a mission trip in July.  If you know of senior adults in south Mobile County who need minor house repairs, painting, et cetera done would you please call Bro. Jerry today or tomorrow.  (Personally, I think they should have taken up Dr. Rex Looney’s offer!)  Mary Cook, does your dad know of folks with needs in BLB?

I had no input on the good, used laptop for a pastor in Guatemala.  Pastor Travis says he has a lead.

IMPORTANT – we are moving our 8:00PM Bible study to 7:00PM tomorrow night and changing locations.  We will meet in the parsonage and supper will be served!  Please pass the word!

Otto was right!  Those blasted computers!  You can register online as a messenger to the annual meeting of the SBC.  Simple process which makes registration seamless – not so fast my friend! (Corso)  I got online Saturday to register and it asked for our seven digit code assigned by the SBC.  No problem as I knew our code.  However, it listed seven other churches and asked me which one was our church.  Long story short – couldn’t register online.  So, now I have to register the old fashion way today.  I will have to wait on a letter from Edna so I can prove that I can be a messenger.  Otto is saying, “I told you so!”

My family and I had a delightful time together yesterday.  We visited a couple of Disney’s parks.  Wow, it is as hot here as it is in Grand Bay!  That’s it for me as I do the convention today and then fly home Wednesday morning.

Pastor Terry  Rainey & Pastor Eddie Burdette are all smiles today as Clemson beat Bama in the baseball super regional yesterday to advance to the CWS.  Somehow, they think that makes us even following Bama’s thrashing of Clemson in football two seasons ago.  I will take the football victory every time!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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