Ken & Jean Assink have been good friends of my family, the Friendship family, and GRACE Ministries for the past eight years or so.  I have been asking you to join me in praying for Ken’s mother, Ella, as she has been doing battle with cancer.  She is now at rest as God promoted her to Heaven.  Her funeral service will be held this morning in Holland, Michigan and I ask you to join me in praying for Ken, Jean, and the entire family during this time.  Miss Ella lived 88 years on this earth and has now begun her eternal life in Heaven. 

I am assuming that Craig & Jennifer Moss are the proud parents of a new addition to their family.  They were going to induce labor Wednesday morning so I think it would be safe to assume that Jennifer has given birth by now.  If not, pray for Craig!  Sandra McElwee or anyone else in the know, send me the details via e-mail. 

Speaking of babies, I think Tiffany Fox is next on the list to give birth as she is due in early June.  Kayla Hatcher is due at some point in late July.  I am eagerly awaiting the birth of Juan Jose DeYoung in Michigan and I think that will be a July birth also. 

Alisha Vice is scheduled to arrive home today from her mission trip to Peru.  That shout you will hear will be Rita when she sees her baby has returned safe and sound.  I will share some of the trip details once I have a chance to speak with Alisha. 

Tonight, three members (Rick B., Whitney B. & Johnny L.) of the Friendship family will graduate from Faith Academy.  (Wonder if Johnny will wear his cap & gown?)  This will be the first time I have missed a Faith graduation ceremony in about seven years or so.  However, I have found it impossible to be in two places at one time and I will be in Odenville, Alabama for the Huffstutler/Schoen wedding rehearsal.  What ville?  If you have to ask, then never mind! 

It is basically a last minute deal but we will be recognizing our senior saints this Sunday during our 10:30AM worship service.  After that service, the church will treat this special group to a meal at the Lakeview Catfish Cabin in Mississippi.  I thank God for our senior saints and for their involvement in our various ministries. 

After promising to cut grass at my in laws yesterday, it never happened.  Charles is threatening legal action so I will have to cut for a few hours early this morning before making the 300 miles drive to Odenville.  What will?  I’ll be 80 years old and Charles will still be going strong at 110! 

It is a holiday weekend which means lots of folks will be traveling.  If you have plans to travel, be careful and go to church somewhere on Sunday.  If you live in south Mobile County and are in town, join us in Bible study and worship this Sunday. 

Please note that our church office will be closed this Monday, 5/28, in observance of Memorial Day.  I will probably blog at some point over the weekend but it could be Tuesday morning before another post is entered.  However, if anything urgent happens within the Friendship family then I will enter a post.

I hope you will have a great day serving Jesus! 


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