A Saturday entry is not the norm but I wanted to share a couple of things with you.  First, the trial for Dr. Kirk Tyler ended yesterday afternoon and he was acquitted on all charges – praise the Lord!  After the verdict was read, Kirk went over and prayed with the one who brought the case against him.  So, we thank God for being with Kirk & Sue during this trial in their lives. 

Andy & Betty Hamil and Willie & Martha Pierre have a grandson, Joey, who lives in the Nashville, TN area.  Joey and a girl friend were on a ATV Thursday and were involved in an accident.  Tragically, the accident proved fatal for the young lady.  Joey is fine physically but a wreck emotionally.  Pray for all involved in this situation.

Pray for me as I perform the ceremony uniting Jeremy Kreuze & Jenna Genzink in marriage this afternoon.  Jenna has been a dear friend for years and it has been neat to get to know Jeremy in recent months.  I count it a real honor to have been invited to be a part of this ceremony. 

Also pray as I preach twice in the morning at the Vriesland Reformed Church.  Again, these are some great folks and I look forward to joining them in worship and the Word. 

Bro. Jerry will be preaching in my absence in the morning and Bro. Benny will do so tomorrow night.  I encourage each member of the Friendship family to be present for those services. 

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