Shorty after I posted this morning, Rita Vice called to say that they had been awaken during the night by a call from Alisha.  One of the vehicles being used by the team in Peru was involved in an accident.  At least one of the team members from William Carey was injured but apparently no one was seriously injured and/or kept in the hospital. 

I would simply ask that you join me in praying for these folks as events like this can be unsettling to those on the trip and family members at home. 

Nate e-mailed to say they had gotten Mike up again last night.  His liver function is still slow.  However, they are thinking Mike may get moved from the ICU later today.  Keep praying, please.

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I was saddened to hear of the passing of Pastor Jerry Falwell yesterday.  It just serves to remind me that, no matter who we are, life is but a vapor.  The Falwell family, the Thomas Road family, and the Liberty family all need our prayers during this time. 

Rita said that Alisha and the team arrived safely in Lima, Peru and were leaving early yesterday morning for an eight hour drive to their ministry location.  I don’t know if we will hear any more updates from them until they return to Lima.  Just pray.

Lois Kirschenman called yesterday afternoon to share that she has been diagnosed with cancer.  I do not know the details but she is seeing a doctor today and will give us an update during our 7:00PM service tonight.  Pray for Lois.

I did not attempt to see Mike Blaylock yesterday.  Nate sent an e-mail stating they had gotten his dad up and his liver function was slow but that is still a good sign.  Keep praying. 

Folks often ask about my dad’s situation.  He began his second round of chemo this week.  On Monday, the oncologist said the first round had been successful and was very encouraging.  Thanks for your concern and prayers and please keep praying.

We are going to have a couple of openings for men on the July 3 – 10 trip to Guatemala.  If interested, please respond immediately or sooner!

Our missionary friend in Canada, Mark Mast, had a tough day yesterday.  It must be tough getting older and not able to remember – enough said!  I spent a good deal of time on the phone last night counseling with Mark and I think he is going to make it!

My cousin, Tony Gettig, and his wife Kathy, have opened an online coffee store called Kalamazoo Coffee.  You can visit them at  The reason I mention this is because ten percent of their sale of Guatemala coffee will be given to GRACE Ministries.  They have decaf Guatemalan coffee.  If interested, check it out. 

Our newsletter should be uploaded to the website at some point today.  Please take the time to check it out.

It is Wednesday so that means a full day.  Remember, there is no more children’s choir at Friendship until August.  I hope to see the members of the Friendship family in a service/Bible study at some point today. 

I pray you will have a blessed day.

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